The NYIT Athletics Hall of Fame honors outstanding performances by NYIT alumni on the fields of play, as well as those who have distinguished themselves as model athletes, coaches and administrators. The NYIT Hall of Fame began in 1998 with the induction of eight honorees, a collection of star athletes representing baseball, basketball, track and field, softball and women's volleyball. Since that time, 74 athletes, coaches and administrators and three teams have been inducted into the Hall of Fame from among the best of NYIT's intercollegiate sports.

In addition, in 2006 NYIT began presenting the Wonderful Life Achievement Award, in honor of former NYIT Director of Athletics Dr. William T. “Buck” Lai, to a deserving individual. A committee of athletic administrators and former athletes select the honorees for induction. More information can be obtained by calling 516.686.7504.

Class of 1998

Name Sport
Hilton Armstrong Men's Basketball 
Tony Lopiano '77 Men's Basketball
Patricia Burnside '86 Softball, Women's Volleyball
Julie Peterson Women's Basketball
Betty Conkling '79 Women's Basketball, Softball, Volleyball
Vance Stay '83 Football
Berris Long '87 Men's Track & Field
Bruce Windish '82 Baseball

Class of 1999

Name Sport
Renee Adams '86 Women's Track & Field
Henry Iervolino '82 Baseball 
Mike Cohen Athletics Administration 
Al Lawrence '87 Soccer 
Peter Edwards '83 Men's Basketball
Christine Riccardi Women's Volleyball
Steve Gardella Baseball
Katie Schnaars '81 Women's Volleyball
Bob Jones '81 Men's Basketball
Robert Sinckler '81 Football
Mike Murphy '82 Baseball
John Sullivan '82 Football

Class of 2000

Name Sport
Alan Ashkinazy '84 Baseball
Howard Burnett '91 Men's Track & Field

Class of 2001

Name Sport
 Jim Scudero '84 Baseball 
 Marven Hill '92 Athletics Administration 
 Debra Cooke Women's Track & Field 
 Sam Stern Coaching (Men's Basketball) 
 Franklin Mcintosh '87 Men's Soccer 

Class of 2003

Name Sport
Amy Ashkinazy '84 Softball and Volleyball
Louis Chisari Track & Field
Roseanne Torre '87 Softball
John Greene '75 Lacrosse
Kathy Aurrichio '88 Softball
Brian Brady Baseball
Diane Harnisher '87 Softball and Volleyball
Don Cooper Baseball
Joanne Gardner Track & Field
Fred Leone '86 Baseball
Evan Clarke '96 Track & Field
Armando Oliveri '80 Football

Class of 2004

Name Sport
Ray Giannelli '87 Baseball
Laura McEvoy '82 Softball and Basketball
Kelvin Hicks '80 Men's Basketball
Phil Murphy '87 Men's Soccer
Nina Jankauskas '90 Volleyball
Danielle St. Leger '98 Women's Track & Field
Lenval Laird '96 Men's Track & Field
Tim Tuttle '94 Lacrosse
John Leto '86 Men's Soccer

Class of 2005

Name Sport
Harry Mahlstedt '77 Lacrosse and Football
Doris Leggett-Switzer '86 Women's Track & Field
James O'Connor '91 Baseball
Peter Zinno Coaching (Track & Field)
Clitos Papadopoulous '85 Men's Soccer

Class of 2006

Name Sport
Matt Calamari Football
Bill DaCosta Baseball
Bill Easteadt Men's Soccer Coach
Terry Kenney Women's Basketball & Softball
Kevin O'Brien '95 Lacrosse
Carl Brown - Kevin Brown - Clyde M. Doughty Jr. - Peter Edwards - Keith Haddock - Kelvin Hicks - Robert L. Jones - Harold Joyner - Larry McCarden - Dale Scurry - Rawle Sealy - Allen Springett - Curtis Sumpter - Joe Thompson - Michael Truvillion - Manager Errol E. Watt - Trainer John Smillie - Assistant Coach Eric Eisenberg - Assistant Coach Fran Fraschilla - Assistant Coach Ron Ganulin - Head Coach Sam Stern 1980 Men's Basketball Team
Marty Lyons, New York Jets William T. "Buck" Lai Wonderful Life Achievement Award 

Class of 2007

Name Sport
Bob Costello '84 Baseball
Scott Hutchinson '97 Lacrosse 
 Jim McGowan Football 
 Gail Wasmus '80 Coach & Administrator 
 Donna Lopiano, Ph.D. CEO, Women's Sports Foundation William T. "Buck" Lai Wonderful Life Achievement Award 

Class of 2008

Name Sport
Richard Tappin Baseball
Joseph T. Brock '98 Lacrosse
Melanie Austin-McCain '00 Track & Field
Lloyd DeBerry Men's Basketball
Harry Carson, New York Giants Football Legend William T. "Buck" Lai Wonderful Life Achievement Award

Class of 2009

Name Sport
Jack Kaley Head Lacrosse Coach
Tom Boyce '90 Baseball
Roy Student Track & Field
Curtis Bennett - Joseph Brosi - Basil Brown - Samuel Bunbury  -Tony Bunbury - Matthew Buzzanca - Brad Casiano - Martin J. Clements - Randy Defreitas - Carlos “Chuck” Goncalves - Simon Hopkins - Franklin McIntosh - Paul Mendes - Vincent Morra - Philip Murphy - Steve Papadopoulos - Olemarius Pentzen - Nigel Pierre - Michael Reid - John Reimer - Eugene Rochowski - Fernando Rodriguez - Edvard St. Juste - Paul S. Young - Head Coach Bill Easteadt - Assistant Coach John Szaro - Athletic Trainer Helen Volyanitis - Team Manager Garfield Scott - Team Reporter Jeff Rubin 1985 Men's Soccer Team

Class of 2011

Name  Sport 
Paul Bruno Baseball 
Martin Clements '87 Men's Soccer 
Bennie Harper Men's Track & Field 
Adam Hopkins '00 Men's Lacrosse 
Monique Houston '92 Women's Track & Field 
Kerri Lapkowski Volleyball 
Patrick Brown - Paston Coke - Kesrick Fraser - Patrick Jarrett 1998 National Champion Men's 4x100 Relay Team 
Bob Wolff, News12 Long Island and Legendary Sports Commentator William T. "Buck" Lai Wonderful Life Achievement Award 

Class of 2016

Name Sport
Bob Hirschfield Coach - Baseball 
Monika Kaley Honorary- Men's Lacrosse
Kristen Kastrinos '97 Women's Soccer 
Frank Palumbo '91 Men's Soccer
John V. Sullivan '82 Big Bear Award 

Class of 2017

Name Sport
Chris Briller '97 Baseball 
Rita Smith Hirschfield Honorary- Baseball
1997 Men's Lacrosse National Championship Team  Men's Lacrosse
Mike Ryan Big Bear Award


Class of 2018

Name Sport
Eduardo Anacleto '06 Men's Soccer
Peter Antoniades '08 Men's Soccer
Clyde Doughty Jr. '81, '96, '98 Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Patrick Jarrett Men's Track & Field
Dr. Jerry Balentine Big Bear Award