NYIT Recreation plans to add European Handball intramurals this fall

NYIT Recreation plans to add European Handball intramurals this fall

OLD WESTBURY, N.Y. — After intramurals wrapped for the 2017-18 academic year, coordinator Rob Isme resolved to add more sports offerings for the fall. And while discussing the topic with colleague Carlos Delcid, they recognized the gym is not fully utilized at the start of the schoolyear, since soccer and flag football are played outdoors.

The result of the brainstorming: the launch of European handball this fall.

"I think it will be one our biggest hit outside basketball," Isme said.

European handball becomes NYIT's fifth intramural sport, joining football, soccer, volleyball and basketball.

Students may either form their own teams or register as a free agent and be assigned a squad.

Registration is expected to begin Labor Day weekend at imleagues.com

European handball may be most similar to basketball.

Players can take three steps before being forced to pass or shoot. They also may dribble once. Under standard rules, a player may only hold the ball for five seconds while being guarded before giving it up.

The primary difference with basketball is you need to fire the ball past the opposing goalie and into the net as opposed to shoot on a hoop.

Because of the size of the Recreation Hall gym, Isme is considering scaling down the number of participants on the court. A typical European handball game has five players and a goalie competing on each side at any given time.

NYIT Recreation is not done adding intramural offerings, either.

Isme indicated new sports will be rolled out in the future.

NYIT's younger students may be most familiar with European handball. High school students across the country play handball in gym class.