Mission Statement


The mission of NYIT's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation is to offer:
  • Academic excellence
  • Social enhancement and development
  • Quality athletics participation
Intercollegiate athletics and recreation programs shall be conducted in a manner designed to protect and enhance the physical and educational welfare of all students. All programs shall be maintained as a vital component of the educational system of the institution. All members must conduct themselves with honesty and good sportsmanship. The behavior of all department members shall at all times reflect the high standards of honor and dignity that characterizes participation in competitive activities within the college setting.
Intercollegiate athletics and recreation activities have an important place in the general educational scheme and we must pledge ourselves to cooperate with others in the field of education. We believe that in every case where a choice is represented, academics come before athletics. We acknowledge that such beliefs necessarily mean accepting modest goals and achievements on our playing fields. We must commit to all students that their welfare is our number one priority. We believe that proper administration of all activities offers effective methods and development of high ideals of sportsmanship, qualities of cooperation, courage, unselfishness, self-control and desire for a clean and productive lifestyle with the highest respect for discipline and authority. We believe these admirable characteristics properly instilled by each of us through teaching and demonstration will have a positive impact and will aid each participant involved with our program to become a better citizen. We commit ourselves to what's pure, honest and true. We believe that tradition is not instituted but developed. This development begins with each of us.